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  • Got a new phone. How do I get my maps back on Avenza?
    First you have to make sure you created an account on your old phone. All information is saved through your account, if you don't create one your information will not be transferable. After you download the Avenza app you can go to your Store icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you press that go to the top right corner and press your account icon. There will then be "Download History". All your purchased maps will be in there, you then choose which maps you want downloaded in your library for future use.
  • Can I use dry-erase markers or pens on my map?
    Yes! We recommend an erasable pen, because it will stay on until you want it removed. The dry erase markers tend to wipe off over time.
  • Can I order a non-folded/rolled map?
    Of course! Give us a call can we can send you a rolled version of the map you ordered.
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