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Our Story

The outdoors has always been a large part of our family. Whether it's hunting, fishing or just exploring new country. That is why we have aimed to create a map that's versatile in all aspects of the outdoors. We want to give you the most information possible in one source so you can spend more time focused on your expedition. Our goal is to not only make a map, but a gateway to a lifetime of memories and adventure. To help you get that trophy, or even a secret hiking or ATV trail. We want to elevate any of your outdoor experiences and take away the hassle. Go explore the unknown but never be lost.



The idea for flatline came from the countless hours Jimmy would spend tapping together paper maps. He would print out Topos and piece them together to create his units. But after several years of doing this, the idea of creating our own came up. If we could do it, why not share it? That's when Rynda started spending countless hours and months working with programs to create a base map. We wanted a map that stood out from the rest. Even now, we are always researching and finding new ways to improve our products. We spend hundreds of hours on each individual map, and work to gather all information possible. We want to offer a product we are proud of and to confidently say we have one of the best mapping companies in Arizona.


We aim to create the best hunting map in Arizona

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